If you have just a chance to to make a good impression do not waste it putting the customer way

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GoWiFI sells wireless solutions to large companies. Anyway, when the company looked in the mirror, it was not recognized. The site, the best way of communicating with new customers, did not reflect GoWiFi‘s technological ease. It looked smaller than it is. it seemed to be bureaucratic, which it never was. This drove consumers away.


The challenge was to improve customers’ perception of value about the company, showing the GoWiFi’s website actually as a modern, innovative, creative, dependable and secure one. Among the problems was the fact the site had some broken links, no function, and links that took the client off the webpage. Our client knew that the number one rule in the business world is to seize every opportunity: if the consumer walks into the store it is necessary do anything to sell him a product. Do not open a door for him to go away and buy from the neighbour! However, the site was doing the opposite, almost inviting the customer to leave!


The Garimpo UX restructured the GoWiFi website completely changing its look. We made an option for simplicity: a one-page site, concise texts, friendly visual. The user soon understands what the company offers and its advantages over competitors. And intuitively, customers make a path until fill out the contact form and start trading. We also dismember the site in three, one for each country in which the company operates. Before Garimpo UX there was only one language for the three regions, with the inevitable communication problems that carelessness is capable of generating.