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Project Time


A start-up has created an application to facilitate the sharing of expenses in a collective event: a barbecue, a secret friend, a dinner for the whole family, a feast for the English class. Instead of having to individually charge each guest’s contribution, which can be embarrassing, Friend Pay offers a platform where each user transfers credits to others.


The challenge of the Fan Experience was to create the entire navigation flow of the application. App stores offer hundreds of thousands of options, and there are dozens of new features every day. If it is already difficult to convince someone to download, it is even more challenging to make him a fan and constant user. To be successful, an application must, in addition to being useful, have a 100% user-friendly interface. The experience of use should be quiet, without doubts or startles.


The work began with a global mapping of the market. Who are the users of this type of application? What do they want? What differentials hold your attention? What obstacles permanently keep them away from the product? By clearly recognizing the behaviour of the people, was it possible to create the navigation flow and the graphical interface appropriate for your needs by the elevator? and I put it in an envelope or better not? essentials. Such a project involves, for example, the choice of colours, the shape and the location of the buttons. Every detail makes the difference between becoming a millionaire tech start-up – a unicorn – or an excellent but poorly executed idea.

Pague Amigo

Pague Amigo

Pague Amigo