The beauty of an e-commerce site is decisive in influencing and driving the user to the shopping cart.

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Project Time


Chica Boutica is an e-commerce product for dogs. A virtual pet shop. The start-up arrived at the Garimpo UX at the moment of the transition between a great idea and the creation of the platform to sell clothes, feeders, beds, collars and dog toys.


The goal was to create a virtual store with a unique interface, different from the standard we are used to seeing. She needed to be fashionable and modern. The main concern was to identify an aesthetic pattern capable of attracting, entertaining and motivating who owns dogs and likes to offer them comfort and quality. The platform needed to be seen as a digital benchmark in marketing products to an audience that cares for their pets as true family members.


The Garimpo UX experts conducted field surveys to understand the tastes and buying habits of dog owners. It made sense, according to the science of consumer behaviour, to identify the type of stores in which the shoppers made purchases for themselves and find features that could be replicated. The design of the navigation flow was done by hand, explaining what consumers would find on each corner of the screen and how they would evolve into the shopping cart. Garimpo UX has produced from the images used on the site to the e-commerce platform.

Chica Boutica

Chica Boutica

Chica Boutica